from by Medusa Portrait




How can I survive?
Being thrown into an empty plain
Where no one is really aware of the shit that’s being preached all around of us
Have we forgotten our identities while growing up between the lies they’re feeding us

Stumbling into a direction called nowhere
Carrying weight on our backs
Clones around me, swallowing shit they are fed with
I’ve seen everything on TV, yet no hope for humanity

Walking alone with my both middle fingers up
Only a few fucking names to trust
Has this all really taken us so far?
Walking alone with my both middle fingers up
Almost all doors have been shut
Tied limbs can never ever win a war

I’ve already seen them carve our full names into a tombstone
In a world where even death has become another fucking product to consume

We are nothing more but some dolls on a string to use and throw away

It makes me angry how they’re feeding on people’s misery
Believe them blindly; don’t take your hands off your face
Let the media’s dick penetrate your brain

Spreading lies and hypocrisy, a mirror for humanity?

It makes me so angry
It makes my knuckles bleed,
How they poison personalities


from Circumstances EP, released February 7, 2014
All music and lyrics by Medusa Portrait
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Downforce Recordings, Erlangen, Bavaria



all rights reserved


Medusa Portrait BY, Germany

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