Nothing In Bold Letters

from by Medusa Portrait



Nothing in Bold Letters

Walking down this lonely path, looking straight ahead
Placing my feet carefully
With every step I take appears another empty stare,
Wanting to benefit from my fears

Hollow frowns, hollow words trying to chain your head to rituals

I write a love letter dedicated to death with a heart at the end
Expressing my wish to see her again
I can’t even spell my name as I sign the sheet with a shivering hand
Oh how I miss my only friend

Folding the words, they start to scream again
Creeping up to me
With poison down their throats they open their mouths
Still only bullshit to come out

You motherfuckers lost me a long time ago
Relying on some kind of everlasting idols
The only constant in life is nothing but the end
You may be something but definitely not my friend

Believe in money; believe in faeces; believe in any kind of shit they are preaching

We are worth nothing at all.
We were meant to fuck and fall.

You are irrelevant like a drop falling into the sea
So don’t expect any loving words to come from me

I will not stand in line for a dubious contract to be signed
I will not shake hands for a fucking black hole in the sky
I will not let somebody confuse my mind.


from Circumstances EP, released February 7, 2014
All music and lyrics by Medusa Portrait
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Downforce Recordings, Erlangen, Bavaria



all rights reserved


Medusa Portrait BY, Germany

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