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“I‘ll walk away-”, I said, “like my reflection did”
Stepping aside broken glass
“Mirrors lie”, it said, I just shook my head
I can’t remember what happened next

There’s something spinning in my chest
In my stomach and in my legs
Feels like I fucking shot myself in the back
Please grant me to take this chance
As this silence leaves through my veins
Let the thunder shake my ears finally

I’ve lived through different times
Different faces, different lies
But I’ve never been so close to fly
It feels like a ghost
Is staying at my side of this line
Now I’m ready to spread my wings
And let the martyrs die

This thing on my face has become too hard to break
But I will release myself before I suffocate

Something has begun to rise in me
And the deserts run dry
My amputated wings are lifting me up
As all my thoughts collide


from Circumstances EP, released February 7, 2014
All music and lyrics by Medusa Portrait
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Downforce Recordings, Erlangen, Bavaria



all rights reserved


Medusa Portrait BY, Germany

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